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Date added: 05/08/2012 Wall sprouts plants and zombies

Local buisness makes reusable wall stickers and murals and has teamed up with PopCap to create a series of Plants vs. Zombies wall prints. The stickers range from human-size zombies to giant pea shooters and tiny yetis.

"I personally love video game art," says Yiying Lu, the founder of Walls360. Yiying is an artist and designer best known for designing the Twitter "Fail Whale" logo. She has since started Walls360 to create wall art and murals for video games, movies, music, and any spaces that need to be decorated.

"What looks good on a screen looks great when it's life-sized on real-world walls," she says. "Video game art is basically the ultimate pop art."

The Plants vs. Zombies wall stickers join a growing list of original gaming-themed prints produced by Walls360. Earlier this year Electronic Arts joined forces with Walls360 to create wall stickers for Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Dragon Age 2, and Alice: Madness Returns.